Mobile Websites

It’s not if you should be utilizing mobile in your web presence, but HOW.

We know that mobile usage is increasing. Over the past two years smartphone usage has increased from 36% all the way to 61%. Those numbers are only projected to grow more.

person-searching-for-local-business-on-phoneWith consumers interacting 24/7 on your site through desktops, tablets and smart phones, you need to be sure you are providing them the proper experience. Everything may seem ok with your website on a desktop, but how about the small screens? Just because it looks “ok” doesn’t mean it actually is. This could be costing you business.

Did you know 40% of mobile users will leave your site and go to a competitor if it is not mobile friendly?

This is very important for local business. With users on the go searching for information and Google returning localized results and favoring mobile friendly sites it makes sense that you are implementing mobile into your online presence.


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If you read anything today, this may just be the most important, beneficial piece of information for your business.

internet-website-adviceValuable Information For Business Owners.

We understand your time as a business owner is valuable. We also know that you want the best information possible for you business. Information that is purely beneficial, to the point and that will be an advantage to you.

The internet is huge and only growing as you know. You are a professional and know Your Business inside and out. Whether you own a small Pizza Shop in Rochester, NY or operate any other type of business, the information we are sharing with you is to help grow your company in the online marketplace.

So What Is This Information? Who is it For? Where Is It?

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