Website Design

From Rochester, NY to across the globe, ClicksNY designs and develops websites for small and medium sized businesses, internet marketers and bloggers. We provide powerful designs that deliver amazing results.

We are knowledgeable, experienced and we know what it takes to get you higher conversions. Our site designs are customized to help you accomplish your online business goals. From sales copy to landing pages, E-commerce sites to dedicated mobile websites, our designs will get you more clicks and your fill up your inbox with orders.


We offer clients a simple and hassle free process. In many cases, everything is handled through email, as many of our clients are too busy for long meetings and phone calls. We won’t confuse you by talking in a high tech language and we won’t waste your time with a lengthy sales pitch. We keep it simple for you and give you what you need….Excellent Results!

Our services include:
Web Design * E-Commerce Sites * Responsive Design * Website Development * Landing-Sales-Capture Pages * Blogs * Complete Website Redesigns * Content Management Systems * Easy to Update Sites * Maintenance Plans * Local Business Pages * Custom WordPress Themes and Websites

We provide services to a wide range of clients including small and medium sized businesses, individuals and even other web developers. Contact us today and tell us about your online business needs.