Why Online Reviews Matter More Than Ever

Each year, many marketing companies such as Google conduct comprehensive consumer surveys to identify changes or trends in how consumers behave and how they shop for products. The 2015 results are just as significant as previous years, but not surprising given the broader marketplace trends recently. Just a few years ago, many small and local businesses could still ignore the influence of the growing online business world if they Continue reading

Why Video Content Must Be Part of Your Marketing Plan.

If you own a small business, there are many different types of online marketing strategies that can provide excellent results at a very reasonable cost. In fact, it can sometimes be a little overwhelming trying to figure out which methods will work best for your business, not to Continue reading

Small Business Marketing: Yes, You Have To Do Everything!

Let’s face it, successfully running a small business and navigating all the challenges from year to year is difficult, to say the least. In order to compete in today’s marketplace, small business managers and owners must operate in a wide variety of roles, put in long hours and constantly ensure the business is meeting ever-increasing customer expectations.

However, one of the most important roles a small business manager or owner will need Continue reading

Effective Social Media Marketing for Small Businesses

how-why-social-mediaOnline marketing and social media interaction with potential customers can be a powerful tool that makes a huge difference in the level of success for a small business. While there is always a lot of buzz about all the opportunities available for small businesses online, the truth is, it isn’t easy to capture those opportunities properly.

Why Use Social Media?

According to Continue reading

Is Your Business Building a Five Star Reputation Online?

We all know it is important for a business to have an excellent reputation. An impeccable reputation for providing exceptional customer service can make long-term growth and success much easier while a poor reputation can put you out of business faster than you might think possible.

Many years ago, the buzz around town and direct feedback from recent customers could give a business some indication of what their public reputation was like, as the reputation of most businesses was largely determined only by word of mouth. However, those days have been behind us for a while now and the reputation of a business is very dependent on what happens in the online world.

If You Are Online or Offline the Impact Is the Same Continue reading

The Local Business and Local Customer Relationship Changed Forever

customer-searching-on-mobile-business-informationIn the last few years, local business markets have experienced some very significant changes in how their customers shop, behave and communicate. The entire globe has been rapidly migrating more and more to the web as the primary source of information and this has influenced the way local customers interact with local businesses as well.

Google, Sterling Brands and Ipsos MediaCT conducted a collaborative research study in mid-2014 that spanned three months, included data from over six thousand mobile phone users and covered shoppers from age 18 up to age 54. What the results of the study mean for the local business and local consumer relationship going forward is made extremely clear by just a handful of data points. Quite honestly, the data is stunning and you would have to be unconscious to miss the significance.

Undeniable & Stunning Fact #1 Continue reading

Are You Losing Business Because of Your Internet Marketing Approach?


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When a business puts an internet marketing plan in motion the general mindset is typically to monitor how much new business is gained through the various campaigns. However, setting aside potential increases in new business for a moment, have you ever considered your approach could be a major factor in losing opportunities?

Unfortunately, there are many Continue reading