Louisa Johnson is in ‘Control’ of Music Now

Louisa Johnson finally feels like she’s in “control” of her own music. The ‘X Factor’ winner has admitted she rushed into a lot of bad decisions after she won the singing competition back  but is pleased she’s now found her niche when it comes to style of music and likes that she’s now finally calling the shots.

Speaking on ‘Sunday Brunch’, she said: “I’m just trying to be a bit careful about what I do. I’ve just grown up a lot, and I think I wanted it so badly and I rushed too much. And now I’ve just found this nice position that I’m in and I’m just kind of being myself a little bit more, and taking it easy. I feel so in control, it’s amazing.”

Although the 20-year-old singer still loves doing collaborations and has promised her debut album will be dropping some point this year, she finally feels “happy” after making some changes to the way she records her music.

I’d come back from a holiday and I was feeling creative and inspired, as you do when you come back from holiday, and I was getting back into the studio. I went for dinner with Camille, who’s done loads of stuff for Little Mix but has also been a good friend since I was in X Factor.

And then we spoke about everything we wanted to put into a song! It just happened! I blurted out everything I wanted to say, the style of music, the beat, everything. Then she went into the studio and came up with this amazing song.

She explained: “I just kind of realised I was a bit down, and a bit lost and I just thought, ‘Do you know what? I’m not really that happy in myself.”

“It just clicked one day, and I was like I’m going to change everything – I want to be my own person. It was a weird feeling, but now I’m so happy.”

The blonde beauty recently joked the music industry is “dangerous” for her because she’s a “party animal” and it doesn’t take much for her to hit the town.

She said: “Well I wouldn’t say the music business is scary but it is dangerous, all the partying because, honestly, I’m a party animal and it’s tough. I am a party girl, so I’d say that’s kind of scary because people are like, ‘Do you wanna come out?’ And I’m like, ‘No… I’m then out. I’m 100 per cent I’m there.”