Tiffany Haddish joins LEGO Movie 2

Tiffany Haddish has joined the cast of the upcoming sequel to the ‘LEGO Movie’ but her character has yet to be revealed. The 38-year-old actress – who recently starred in the comedy romp ‘Girls Trip’ – is set to lend her voice to an unknown character in the upcoming sequel, Entertainment Weekly report.

The plot of the movie has not been released as of yet, and there is no word as to whether Chris Pratt will lend his voice as hero Emmett.

Recently Phil Lord and Christopher Miller were reported to be rewriting ‘The LEGO Movie 2′ script.

Though it was director Phil Lord and Chris Miller that helped propel what seemed on paper like a money-grabbing exercise into box office success in 2014, it’s Trolls’ Mike Mitchell who will direct for a second outing; Lord and Miller remain as producers, while also having written a first draft of the script. Raphael Bob-Waksberg and Matt Fogel were hired for re-writes.

The script writing duo originally wrote the first movie and, after being dropped from the ‘Star Wars’ Han Solo spin-off movie, the screenwriters are back on board for the highly-anticipated sequel to ‘The LEGO Movie’.

Producer Dan Lin told Collider said, “The team is all back together, so it’s Lord and Miller, myself and Chris McKay. Mike Mitchell is the new voice who’s coming in to direct the movie. Chris and Phil are rewriting the script right now, but we’re in production. We’re picking up where the first movie left us, where the Duplo have now come and they’re attacking Bricksburg. It’s several years later, and you’re going to see the result of that.”

The first movie, which was an huge international success, focused on construction worker Emmet Brickowski who lives a simple life in Lego World creating new buildings by following the instructions but his world is tuned upside down when he becomes embroiled in a mission to save Lego World from Lord Business who wants to control the world with a special weapon called the ‘Kragle’.

At the end of the movie it is revealed that the story has been invented by a little boy named Finn who has been altering his father’s expansive and perfectly constructed Lego set.

The dad – played by Will Ferrell – realizes that he is the villain of the story because of the rules he has imposed on his son to not play with his sets and he has a change of heart and the pair play together before Finn’s sister is allowed to join in the fun represented by aliens from the planet Duplo beaming down intent on destroying Lego World.